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Joanne and Enzo's Dipping Sauces were born on 11-27-2020.

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A Hobby Breeder of Quality Toy Dogs 
Why Buy A Havana Silk Dog?

Havana Silk Dogs are a toy dog breed with hypoallergenic fur and a loving disposition that make them the perfect family companion. Weighing 9 - 14 pounds and standing between 9 - 11 inches tall at the shoulders, they are portable and can go with you almost anywhere. Although they are a small dog they are sturdy and agile with great temperaments and are suitable companions for people of all ages, including children over the age of 6. We do place puppies in homes with younger children but that is determined on an individual basis.

In addition, their unique coat is allergy and asthma friendly even for individuals that are allergic to dogs, like myself, or who have moderate asthma, like my brother. Silks are elegant in appearance but are often little clowns that love to make you laugh. They come in two coat varieties, long and a medium length "spaniel" coat.  Whether you are looking solely for a new companion or for a pet that will be competitive in performance and/or conformation, a Silk might be just the right dog for you! 

Our Parents Are Health Tested
We Currently have five adult Havana Silk Dogs and one Havanese. Our Silk bitches are Maya, her daughter Sioux, and Joanne, who we breed to carefully selected sires to produce Havana Silk Dog puppies that are sound in temperament and conform to the HSD Standard. Daniel and Dawson, Sioux's son, are our two males. Autumn is a Havanese bitch that we imported from Hungary who will be bred to Haydn to produce AKC registered Havanese puppies. Dawson is our fourth generation starting with our foundation bitch Temperance.  
Where Are We Located?
 Revolution is a small hobby kennel located outside Atlanta, Georgia and in Northern Virginia near the District of Columbia, depending on the time of year.  Both cities are close to major airports and expressways making traveling to our home to pick up your puppy easy and convenient.  On rare occasions we will meet new owners at the airport if you fly into Hartsfield Jackson or Ronald Reagan.  There are many hotels nearby in both metropolitan areas for those that wish to make a vacation of it.  Sorry but we do not ship puppies under any circumstances.

Revolution Havana Silk Dog Puppies Are:

Bred for temperament and conformation to the Havana Silk Dog or Havanese Standard.  Because we are producing companion animals those are our primary concerns when making breeding decisions.  Every puppy is raised in our home and is socialized to as many things and experiences as possible so that they will become good canine citizens that are able to adapt to many situations.  Each Revolution puppy is out of health tested parents and

Will have a Well Puppy Exam

Will have their first DP shot 

Will be BAER tested

Will be de-wormed and

Will be microchipped

Most puppies will also have their dew claws removed.

Getting A Revolution Havana Silk Dog Puppy

Puppies are available for placement into approved homes as companions or show prospects.  We have no paper application but a phone or in person interview is required for approval.  Our puppies are not sorted until at least 7 weeks of age. Homes are selected based on the needs of the forever family and the personality of the puppy, which enables us to make the best placement decisions possible.  Our goal is for each puppy to have a successful and seamless transition from our home to yours.  Your puppy will be trained to use disposable pee pads on a holder or in a litter box as indoor potty options, and will be introduced to outdoor pottying as well.  Of course the puppy will not be housebroken at 8-10 weeks of age; however, we will have laid the foundation to make training easier.

Puppies Likely In Early 2022

This winter Biley Luc Revolution Fall Colors, "Autumn," will be bred to Revolution Elfin's Final Movement, "Haydn," to produce a litter of sable and black puppies. Cream and Black and Tan might also be possible. Joanne and Enzo will be bred again since the Dipping Sauces were a fabulous litter. Sioux will be bred for the last time, likely a repeat with Dylan of the Native Languages Litter, which produced Dawson.
Check out our nursery page for the latest information.  Click on "Previous Litters" to read about our previous litters of gorgeous Havana Silk Dog puppies.  If you would like a puppy from one of these litters please call us at (770) 580-0256 or email ddf2103@gmail.com and join our waiting list.  We do not require deposits to reserve a puppy or to join the waiting list.    

Prices Vary
The price of the puppies depends on the costs we pay to breed, whelp, and raise the litter, including the stud fee and vet care, and can vary from about $2,000- $3,000 USD. 

Need An 
Older Puppy? 
 Ask about our Older Puppy Program!  When available we can keep and train your puppy until it is up to 4 months old with a non refundable deposit of $500. This is intended to help seniors who might not want an 8-10 week old puppy.

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