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Multi Ch. Revolution Look To The Heavens

Jr. Ch. Tyburn Woods Revolution Free At Last
"Daniel Day"
Maya's First Americans: Whelped 4-7-2014

Our Birthday
After a week of staring at her with bated breathe Maya finally went into labor on Monday April 7, 1014 and whelped two little boys. Since Maya is named after the Mayan tribe, who lived in what is now Mexico, the two boys are also named after Native peoples of the Americas. Puppy number 1 is  black and white with markings almost identical to that of his Dam so we chose another tribe that lived in Mexico, the Aztec. Puppy number 2 is a dark sable with what look to be tan/silver points. My brother is in Dominica attending medical school and that island has a population of Natives Americans still living there. Dominica is in the Lesser Antilles, the home of the Carib Indians, so we named our second boy after that tribe.  Please check back every two weeks to follow their progress and to see new photos of Aztec and Carib. 
Puppy Number 1: Black with White Markings Boy 7.0 Oz
Aztec, like his mother, came into the world hungry. As soon as he had his sac broken and was breathing well he swung himself around and started nursing. Nevermind that his bottom half was still in the birth canal and his cord had not been cut. He is a sweet boy who takes things as they come without much fuss. The only time I hear him scream is when he nurses and the milk doesn't flow fast enough for his taste. He is very good with his super puppy exercises, even when I turn him upside down. he has already been exposed to several surfaces too. So far he is content with his role in life as a fat, lazy puppy but we expect that he will go on to bigger and better things!
Puppy Number 2: Male Silver Sable with White Markings 7.4 Oz 
Carib started out life as a big boy at 7.4 ounces. I think he is the biggest puppy we have had or tied for first. His dark chocolate coat is gorgeous and he has gold points that look silverish in some places. My best guess is that he is a silver sable but we won't be able to tell for sure for weeks. Carib is a bit fussier than his brother and nothing makes him more upset than when the milk is not flowing fast enough. He is still pretty good with the super puppy exercises except for being on his back. I will continue to hold him tummy up as he grows so that he will be used to, and tolerant of, this position.