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The Parents:      
Dam                                                       Sire
Dade Revolution Heart Of A Rebel "Joanne"

GCH Hurricane Ridge's Lorenzo Tesoro Mio "Enzo"

Joanne's Dipping Sauces: Whelped 11-27-20

Our Birthday
Joanne was bred to Enzo and delivered the litter by c-section the day after Thanksgiving after a night of labor with no puppies born. It turns out that she had a rather large puppy waiting to be born first and that is why she refused to push it out. There were five puppies in the litter. Two black males and three sable females, one of whom looks exactly like Joanne when she was a puppy. My younger sister calls Joanne "chicken Nugget" and I promised her that she could name the litter. Thus the Dipping Sauces theme. 
Puppy Number 1: Black with White Markings Boy 7.0 Oz

Puppy number 1 is a silver sable Irish Pied female named Sriracha.
Puppy Number 2: Male Silver Sable with White Markings 7.4 Oz 
Puppy number 2 is a black male with white markings named Sweet & Sour. 
Puppy number 3 is a gold sable female with white markings named Honey Mustard.

Puppy number 4 is a black male named Polynesian.
Puppy number 5 is a gold sable female with white markings named BBQ.