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Our Silks

We currently have three adult female Silk Dogs, including two bred bys, Maya and Sioux, here at Revolution Kennels.  In 2007 I purchased Bydand Spicin' Things Up from Bydand Kennels.  Unfortunately she did not pass her OFA hip evaluation and she was retired without having a litter.  We were not deterred by this unfortunate turn of events.  In 2009 Persia and Temperance came to live with us and in 2011 we purchase Trace from Doc Baldwin of Elfin Havana Silk Dogs. Persia had one litter and was retired. Trace had two litters by c-section and that line was retired also. 

Temperance turned out to be a gorgeous girl and is a multi champion.  She won a Best of Bred, Best of Opposite, and two Awards of Merit with limited showing in the HSD ring. Temperance has two breeding offspring, Maya and Haydn. Maya was our keeper puppy from Temperance's first litter and Haydn was our pick from her last.  Maya was a showing machine and was very successful in the ring at both ICKC and HSDA venues. Maya was bred to our stud Daniel to produce Sioux, who then threw Dawson, our fourth generation Silk. Joanne is out of a Cuban bitch and produced five gorgeous puppies with Enzo. Autumn was imported from Hungary to add diversity to our lines. We are very excited to see what Haydn and Autumn will produce, and to see what Dawson will throw as well.  Of course most of our puppies are companions only and will never see the inside of a show ring, but we endeavor to produce puppies that conform to the breed standards in both structure and temperament.

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