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MGCH Revolution Look To The Heavens, CGC "Maya"
Maya inherited her mother's athleticism and sweet disposition but not her disinclination to bark.  She will bark to get your attention when she decides that you aught to be paying attention to her instead of attending to other matters.  Maya is a silly girl and often joins half sister Trace in her antics or creates some of her own.  Each of my girls does something unique and Maya loves to jump straight up into the air right in front of you to get your attention since she knows I don't care for barking.  The older she got the higher she could jump until all four paws were as high as my waist.  I turned this behavior into a trick by getting her to jump high on command and catching her when she did.  Thus she now jumps into my arms. 

Her temperament is rock solid.  Maya is outgoing and laidback just like Temperance.  Nothing bothers her and she interacts well with strangers. Her tail is always wagging, even when she is in trouble.  Nothing ruins her high spirits.  As far as I can tell Maya has no inclination to move up the pack ladder.  She doesn't take any abuse from Persia or China but she doesn't dish out any either.  However she will steal one of her sister's treats or toys in a heartbeat.  Like her mom she is a great eater and devours her dinner without fuss.   
In the ring she has won since she was three months old. Maya thinks everything is about her so naturally the judges and audience should fawn over her.  She is a great show dog, never gets tired and always is ready to "go get 'em."  In one show weekend at the HSDAA National Specialty she won two AOMs and got two majors out of the puppy class.  With her attitude, high head carriage, compact form, and easy gait she draws attention to herself.  The four white feet add some flash making her the most successful show dog I have taken in the ring to date.  She has already beaten her mother a few times in the ICKC ring for BOB.   We expect she will have a fabulous show career. 
Maya is out of Temperance's first litter with Curtis, Multi Ch. Bydand In The Mood At Concordia.  She was born on January 7, 2012 in Atlanta and was puppy number 3 in the election year Keep It Relevant litter. Her name is in honor of the Mayan Indians who were avid star gazers and engineers whose their long count calendar ended in 2012. Standing at about 10.25 inches tall and weighing 10.5 pounds she is right in the middle of the standard. All health testing has been completed and passed and can be viewed at offa.org. Her hips are OFA Good, her soaps are below, and we just need to finishing up a couple of DNA requirements to complete her HSDAA Certification.
Maya's genetic testing shows that she does not carry the satin gene.  Maya is a pretty steel blue who broke late and her color testing with VetGen shows that she is Ee Kbky AtAt with one copy of the piebald gene. She has not been tested for Curly since neither of her parents carry it.   
We joke that she is part billy goat because of her ability to climb things.  Here she is at about 7 weeks old after climbing onto this carrier.   She can even climb the four foot chain link fence in the backyard.  She saw the cat do it and just imitated him.  I guess, like a force of nature, Maya just cannot be contained!