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Multi Ch Bydand Silk Revolution "Presia"
In a house full of lap dogs little Persia has come out on top as the queen of cuddling.  She is, in a word, needy.  Standing at just 9 inches she is the smallest dog we have but she will knock anyone out of the way if a hand is involved.  She and Trace are the main sources of entertainment around here.  Though she is four and the eldest in the pack by about two months, Persia is as active as she was when she was a puppy.  Five weeks after having her first litter you couldn't tell she had puppies.  I wish I had that kind of rebound!  
Persia is very loyal and takes a little longer to warm up to strangers than the rest of the clan.  Some say the fact that she sits back and observes the situation before jumping in is a sign of intelligence.  I figure she is just a little shy and handle it by picking her up and handing her to whoever just walked in the door.  She is a very good sport about it and falls right into the role of "fluffy little dog that is carried everywhere" without a hitch.  

Her first litter produced China and Romeo who are both very nice.  Little Romeo, who lives with my mom, is a gorgeous black , silver, and white tri-color male with OFA "Good" hips that looks and acts just like his mom.  China is a non- silvering black who lives with a family of five in Powder Springs, Georgia.  Please visit our previous litters page to see "Persia's Empires."  Her next litter will be with a beautiful sable boy this summer.  The litter will be Tri-color, black with white markings, and sable.   

In the ring Persia is overshadowed by Temperance; however, she is an HSDAA and ICKC champion.  At National in 2012 she won Brood Bitch with Romeo and Kemet behind her.  With her silky coat, nice front, and compact body she is a solid foundation bitch.  Her big brown eyes are hard to resist, especially when she rolls over on her belly!   
Here is a photo of Persia self stacked from the side. She really is cute as can be but she does not pose for photos like Temperance, Maya and Trace who are hams.  She would much rather sit in your lap and watch a movie.  And I do mean watch the movie.  It is funny when there is a dog in the movie and she jumps down to go bark at it.  Her soaps and other photos are in the slide show below.