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MGCH Black Birch Tempered Passion At Revolution, RA, CGC ""Temperance" 

Tempi is a gold irish pied girl with a fabulous personality.  Not only is she a consummate companion, she is also an all around good dog.  Wherever I go I know she will be right there beside me but she is not demanding.  Even as a puppy she had a very laidback way about her that made her an easy dog.   She is also very athletic, having the capability of jumping hurtles that are taller than she is.  In her youth she was the fastest runner in the house including the German Pinscher.  Tempi passes on her athleticism to her offspring making them good candidates for performance and entertaining children.

In addition to her great temperament, Tempi has a few other traits that she passes on to her offspring.  The most important of these is a hardy appetite.  She eats her kibble without fuss or complaint, a rarity in this breed.  Another trait that I like is her disinclination to bark.  The only time I hear a short bark from her is when company arrives at the front door.  Other than that she is silent.  She can bark but she just doesn't.  A quiet toy dog is a blessing indeed. 

In the ring she has proven herself to be very competitive.  She is a Champion in two different show venues.  Please visit our "Shows" page to see some of her win photos.

Tempi's greatest contribution to our home is her daughter, Maya.  A pretty black girl with pied-like markings, Maya is our future.  I am eager to see what she will give us this year.  In late January she was bred to Starborn Jefe Juan Pequeno.  He has not been shown very much but Jefe is a very nice boy with an elegant build similar to Tempi's.  Jefe is also an irish pied so the litter will be all pieds and partis.  

Here are some photos of my favorite girl.