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MCH Elfin Evidence Of Foul Play "Trace"
Trace is an absolute sweetheart.  Friendly, outgoing, happy, and quite full of herself.  Her mother Lark could be "a little snot" sometimes and Trace did get the "I am cute enough to get away with anything" gene from her.  But she comes by it honest and she rarely decides that she just won't do something I have asked her to do so it's not much of an issue.  In fact she is the most obedient dog in our little pack.
We have a fenced in yard and patio area that I have spent a fortune "dog proofing."  During the process the Silks would find holes in the defense and run free in the front and side of our yard.  Everyone would escape except Trace.  She was always sitting by the fence watching the others knowing they were all in big trouble while she was going to get a treat.
Thus I will have to say Trace's biggest contributions to my breeding program are her temperament and her gorgeous coat.  Structurally she has nice rear angles and good shoulders but she needs a boy to give her progeny substance and a broader chest and rear.  Though she is 10 inches tall, Trace only weighs 7.5 pounds.  I am thinking about putting her back on puppy food to get some more weight on her.  
In her current condition she is perfect for carrying around in your arms and cuddling.  If you give her a bath and put a bow in her hair she will even stick her nose up at anyone who looks her way while she is in your arms.  She knows she looks good so she flaunts it.   Trace is a funny little girl and our second main source of amusement behind Persia.  She stands in place on her hind legs with her front paws stretched up toward you and licks the air when she wants someone to pet her.    We often time her to see how long she can stand there!
In the ring Trace has done well getting two majors at her first HSDAA show in November 2012.  We took her to National in 2011 but she was only able to compete in the puppy match where she came in third out of a class of 9 or so pups.  She even beat Temperance once for BOB at an ICKC show.  We are hoping to finish her in May at the Chicago show also.  She will turn two on May 9th and we are in the process of completing her health testing and getting her Certified with HSDAA.  So far her tests have all been normal.  I will repeat her cardiac and patellas, which were normal at 8 weeks when she was registered Provisional Certified when I got her from Doc.  Below is a slide show of photos of Trace.  Her soaps are not included because she is not yet two. 
Trace has been color tested by VetGen and is ee KyKy AtAt.  She does not carry curly or satin.