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Previous Litters

Keep It Relevant Litter whelped 1-7-2012
Ch Black Birch Tempered Passion At Revolution  x  Ch Bydand In The Mood At Concordia
Please see their litter page for more photos of the KIR litter puppies!

Persia's Empires whelped 5-10-2012
Ch Bydand Silk Revolution  x  Ch Circo Winning Moves At Legacy

For more photos of the Empires go to their webpage!
Little Things Whelped 3-24-13
Ch Black Birch Tempered Passion at Revolution x Starborn Jefe Juan Pequeno
Visit the Little Things litter page for more pictures of the Pequenos.
Trace's Crime Team whelped 12-7-2013
Ch Elfin Evidence Of Foul Play x Ch Tyburn Woods I Get Ideas @ Concordia
Visit the Crime Team's page at Elfin Havana Silk Dogs