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Little Things Litter Whelped 3-27-2013

Starborn Jefe Juan Pequeno             x         Ch. Black Birch Tempered Passion At Revolution                     

Temperance's litter was born March 27th, 2013.  She whelped five puppies.  The theme for the litter is "Little Things" or "Los Pequenos" in honor of their father who carries the Y chromosome of the Costa Rican male from the 8 foundation dogs for the Havanese breed in the United States.  After all, it is the little things in life that make it worth living.  The registered names of the puppies must contain the word little or a synonym such as small or tiny.  If I keep a pup it will be "Revolution It's A Small World."  The first word in every name must be Revolution unless it ends in "Of Revolution" or "From Revolution." 


Aang, a little Avatar
Puppy number one is a black parti boy.  He has a white muzzle and a white spot on his forehead.  Aang was 0.5lbs when he was born.  I am looking for a show boy to keep from this litter so he will be available if one of his brothers is a better show prospect than him.
Spark, a little bit of fire
Puppy number two is a black and tan pied boy also called a tri-color.  Spark also weighed 0.5 lbs at birth.  He is a little chow hound already.  I look forward to seeing his silver markings come in as he ages.  He will likely look very similar to his sire. He is the most refined of the three boys.
Drop, a little bit of water
The third puppy born is also the third male in the litter.  Drop is a flashy little guy with a huge white collar and white on both thighs.  This would be my pick to keep if I could control who was the show potential boy in the litter.  Drop wins the award for most cooperative puppy the first two days of life.
Puff, a little bit of air
Puppy number four was a .34 pound black pied female with a partial collar.  She was born with her cord detached but survived for one day.  It looked good during the night but she stopped eating in the next morning and then cried until she passed that night.  Puff had beautiful markings.  Our little angel is with my Joey and Jasmen now.
Pebble, a little bit of earth
Puppy number five is a pretty little black and tan pied who weighed .36 lbs at birth.  Pebble has eyebrows, chest and cheek patches,  and silver/tan already on all four legs.  Her coloring is exquisite on her rear legs with vertical stripes of white, silver, and black.  Pebbles is a refined little girl and she will be very elegant.  
Los Pequenos One Week Old
The first week is basically filled with lots of watching and monitoring.  The temperature of the nursery must be kept between 75 and 80 degrees, the puppies' body temperature must be kept between 97 and 99 degrees or they will get hypo or hyperthermic, we have to make sure everyone is nursing and gaining weight, and we have to watch mom to make sure she is doing well.  
They wake me up in the middle of the night crying just like human babies, there are just four of them instead of one.  They are also on fast forward.  At one week they are at the stage of a 4 month old human baby except they are much more mobile.  It is amazing how they can scoot across the whelping box the second Temperance dares to enter it.  One second they are sound asleep and the next they are squealing and headed to the milk bar.  They are like little milk seeking missiles.  
We have started super puppy exercises and socialization.  My brother, aunt, and my mom have come to see the babies and they brought my cousins with them.  In all eleven people have handled the puppies already!  In a couple of weeks I will lift the "total isolation" policy and allow people who have dogs to come and meet the new additions to our pack.   Every week I send out an update to interested parties.  If you are interested in a puppy and would like to receive the update email just give us a call.
Aang, our little airbender 
Aang is a sweet boy with a laid back personality.  He even let me cut his nails with no fuss
Spark, our bit of fire
Spark is our noisy puppy.  He is also a little pig.  Despite his complaining this is still a quiet bunch. Spark has a handsome face.  It looks like he has eyebrows coming in but there are no other tan markings yet.  
Drop, our bit of water

With his big collar and tan markings this boy is going to be flashy.  He also has eyebrows coming in but no other sign of tan.
Pebble, our bit of earth
Pebble is just adorable.  I love all the tan/silver that she has on her.  She is a pretty girl! 

To read the full week one update click the icon below.

Week 2
Week two was filled with more watching and ensuring everybody was gaining weight and thriving.  Aang opened his eyes and immediately decided people were great.  He and his siblings all took their first steps blind.  Pebble was the first to lift her front off the ground and walk.  Now they look like lizards instead of snakes when they move.  Their ears are folding over and they are making barking noises in their sleep.  Spark decided to go pee on his own so I put a pee pad in the whelping box.  Spark also managed to climb out of the box trying to go after Temperance when she jumped out so the side is up now.  Everyone is doing well.  We even had visitors, two little kids included.  

Here are Los Pequenos' week 2 pictures.
Los Pequenos weeks 3-6 photos
The puppies have grown to 5 times their birth size and are running and jumping all over the place.  Aang is a cutie, Spark is a lover, Drop is an explorer, and Pebble is a sweetheart.  At 6 weeks old, the puppies' personalities are really starting to show.  It is time to start sorting them and calling them by their new names.  I have included photos from the last three weeks for each puppy.  One boy is still looking for his forever home but we won't know which one for sure until we soap them in two weeks.

For those getting a puppy, the registered name of your puppy must start with Revolution or end in From/Of Revolution.  The name must also contain the word little or a synonym.  These puppies will be registered with the HSDAA as Havana Silk Dogs.  Though they are AKC registerable as Havanese, I am not going to get AKC papers for this litter because I am keeping a boy to use in my Silk Dog breeding program.  My boy will be Revolution It's A Small World call name "Disney." 
Future litters:
Persia x Aidan- this should be a litter of little dynamos since their mother is small but very athletic and their sire is less than 10 inches tall.  These guys should have some very nice fronts and angles!  We are also hoping to get a show boy out of this litter.

Trace x Undetermined- we are looking for just the right boy for our little misfit.  She needs a guy with a nice chest and great shoulders.  

                             For more information please email or call us at or (770) 815-9583.