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Persia's Empires whelped 5-10-2012

Ch. Circo Winning Moves At Legacy "Domino"
Bydand Silk Revolution "Persia"
On May 10, 2012 Persia whelped four healthy puppies.  One boy and three girls.  Since Persia is named after the Persian Empire, which was on the silk road (the name of our club magazine), I decided to name her first litter after other empires.  Kemet, Rome, China, and Inca have all been adopted and gone to their forever homes.   Below are some photos of the "Empires."
Kemet was a black female with white markings.  She was the sweetest and most laidback puppy in the litter.  Kemet stayed here as the test for my older puppy program and went to her forever home when she was about seven months old.  She was fairly reliable with housebreaking, knew several basic obedience commands including "go potty," and had good recall off lead.
Rome is a black and tan with white markings boy, usually called a "tri" in other breeds.  He was my pick puppy in the litter because of his wonderful shoulders, rock solid temperament, and his flashy movement.  This gorgeous little boy went to live with my mom where he was dubbed "Romeo."  He is now bigger than his dam but is still small as far as potential studs go.  He is 9 1/2  inches tall and weighs 8 pounds.  We are hoping that he will grow a little more. 
China is a pretty little black girl with white markings.  She looks and sounds just like her mother!  We kept her here to see how she would turn out since she had better rear angles than her dam.  So far she looks very good.  China is more compact than Persia, who is no slouch in that category, and seems to have gotten her mother's front and her sire's rear.  That was the exact combination that I was looking for in these puppies.  China is also more outgoing than her dam, a trait I also wanted to improve.  Though she is still a bit more cautious than Trace, who throws herself at anyone who walks through the door, China is right behind her in line for "let's beg the stranger for attention." 
Inca was marked almost exactly like Maya, thus the Native American name.  With her four white feet and high head carriage she actually stood out over the puppies that I kept.  However, her temperament is a little softer and she needs time to warm up to people before she is all over them.  That and I felt her sister, China, had better shoulders as well as a better temperament so she went to live down the street in Marietta with my cousin.  Like her sister and her mother Inca is a "wild child" who makes up for her small size with a big personality and an amazing willingness to run headlong into almost anything.